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Watergaps – Work or Play

The Rattlesnake Creek finally went down enough this week to fix the watergaps. We all donned our mud boots and trudged down to the bank of the creek.  As I peered over the edge and saw the breakaway fence was caught … Continue reading

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Grrrrr….The Hacker

  This is a picture-perfect moment of utter frustration.  You may have noticed our blog has been missing some photos and is a little confused.  We had a visit from a hacker lately and I am trying to get everything … Continue reading

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Babies Everywhere

 There are new things all over the ranch this week.  Laramie’s ewes began lambing.  So far he has a set of twins and one single lamb.  Laramie’s corn in the garden just came up.  You can plant more seeds in … Continue reading

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Rodeo Season

The spring season of Jr. High Rodeo has begun.  We were all able to go to the rodeo last weekend.  We have always appreciated the Jr. High and High School rodeos since they are one of the few sports which children do which … Continue reading

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Spring Cattle Drive

Last week we drove the Longhorn Cows back from winter pasture.  The cows had spent last winter about 35 miles Northeast of the main ranch on cornstalks.  Here they spent the winter foraging on cornstalk stubble. This region is very … Continue reading

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