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Munchin In the Rain

The weather pattern has finally broken and fall feels like it is here.  After some very unseasonable daytime temperatures in the 90’s for several weeks, the rain arrived!  Joe and I sat on the front porch and watched every drop … Continue reading

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The Relief Crew

This is the relief crew from our last cattle drive.  I had been driving the chuckwagon for most of the day.  Although my team, Mid and Night, are my favorite girls, it was nice to take a break , ride … Continue reading

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Rise and Shine Morning Person!

I am not a morning person by nature.  But who in their right mind couldn’t resist rolling out of their bedroll and jumping  up to drive this?  The team was harnessed up, waiting patiently as I finished pulling up the campsite.  I watched the rising … Continue reading

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The Pear Tree

Last week I drove the team and wagon past the old pear tree.  Twenty-five years ago it was draped with branches.  Twenty-five years ago, my small boys picked pears off the ground from underneath it.   One  broken branch reaches to the … Continue reading