Eltimate February Day

A good February day is a 70 degree, February Day. A great February day is  being horseback on a 70 degree, February day.  The ultimate February day is being horseback on that 70 degree day and sharing it with good friends, the Brack family.

We all met at the white barn.  You can see it in the background.  If you think the color of the barn in the background is red, your eyes are not deceiving you.  A year ago it was re-painted red.  However, it is still referred to as the “white barn”.  If you come to help out at the ranch you might be told to: “meet us at the white barn”, “feed the cattle at the white barn”, “rope a calf at the white barn”, or today you would have been directed to “meet up with us at the white barn”.  There is no confusion. Everyone knows this red barn really is the “white barn”.

This is Shawn Brack, one of the finest horsemen and best hands we know.  It may look like he is enjoying a nice easy afternoon ride; but this was after his young horse, Gus, gave him a  hard ride and gave us a good show as he bucked over and around the sand hills.

We moved the first set of cows about seven or eight miles.

James and Wyatt waited patiently for a short time while we waited for the trailer to take us to the next pasture.

This is what two boys do when they are done waiting patiently for the trailer to show up.

After moving the second set of cows, we ended up a couple of miles from the Brack’s home.  It was a short ride to the house to unsaddle and call it a successful February day.






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