An April Week

We had a great week with Rob and Liz from England this week.  We had just finished moving 180 pairs from a cornstalk field to rye pasture when they arrived on Friday.

The next day, Liz and I rode out to check the new calves.

We found quite a few of them scattered over the pasture and even one that had just been born.

Rob and Joe were putting out salt and mineral for the cows when Rob snapped this photo of us galloping off the hill in the walnut pasture.

We had one day of a little rain and dug out the slickers for a misty, rainy, windy day. We had left 3 young pairs on the cornstalk pasture that were too young to move earlier. We gathered them to the corrals and hauled them to rye pasture, checked two other pastures, moved a set of cows to a new paddock and checked a bigger pasture of cows we had bought the week before.

Liz brought the steer wrestling and roping steers out of the pen to be sorted so the guys could train them for the next few rodeos.

We have nearly 25 lambs now. This little guy meets us every night for a little extra milk and loving. Liz and Rob left yesterday. It was a little bit lonely bottle feeding the lamb and the calf, feeding the cattle and the saddle horses, riding out to check the new calves, and paint branding the new lambs, but there were other things that popped up to keep us busy today. Heifers were out of the pasture near Mullinville, a few patches of weeds needed to be mowed, electric fence needed to be fixed for the mares. Not to worry. The day still has three and a half hours of daylight left for more surprises.

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