What Should We Name the Baby?






We have been fixing a lot of fence and working with colts on these hot July days.

Joe got in four, three year olds in for us to begin halter breaking and training.  He roped a back foot on each one and put a halter on.

They stood tied up for a few hours and he was able to lead them to water horseback.  The next day we led them to water afoot.

 Will and Elizabeth have been working with them, putting saddles and blankets on them and getting them gentled down.  So far they have earned the names.  This is Charger, a brother to Pecos.

Meet Tonto.  If you have ever ridden Biscuit, Deets or BS, this is their sister.


This is Ellie.  She is a sister in both form and mannerism to Newt, Newt’s Little Sis and Lorie, not to mention a bit patriotic here in the photo.  She was absolutely irritated the first day we tied them up and refused to eat.  By day two, she was over it, nudged me for grain and became a sweetheart.

 This is “Pink Halter”.  None of us have come up with an appropriate name for her yet.  If you have ever ridden Liz, Robin or Oreo, this is their sister.  Most of my friends browsed baby naming books for a great name for their child.  We are asking our blogging friends to give us a few good suggestions.  What do you think?



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  1. Ute says:

    Hi Nancy and Joe,

    I would suggest….Ivy….or Erle….former horses of me.

    Or how about….Bonny or Geraldine….:-)

    See you in September at the peace treaty!!!!

    Big smile, Ute

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